by Limmatau

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Limmatau is a duo project created by men from Lodz: SLG and enomen. The thought of starting with sound recordings that would branch off from those we put into shape as a band (Baubliss), or indeed from our respective individual activities, appeared in the spring of 2000.
The material presented here is the resultant of AEN‘s interests in the analog and the crafted, and SLG’s digital sound processing. Though Baubliss was a documentation of multi-houred improvisations on a variety of instruments, Limmatau represents the conceptual constructions based on the sounds modified from the everyday surroundings. The direct source for this project comes from a careful listening-in to the city’s soundscape. It is, practically, a self-composing music, requiring only a minimum of ones attention.
Limmatau is an attempt to capture this.
The idea of the recording was born during evening and night conversations, which were accompanied by a variety of noises, hums, and shouts. Single moments were enough to fish out from the apparent chaos nearly complete structures and drones. We came up with an idea of recording music meant to ‘paint’ the landscapes of the night city, the city that was seemingly asleep and yet emitting a multitude of drone-like rumbling, humming, and grinding. We were not, however, after the ordinary ‘cut-up’ of literally understood industrial sounds. We wanted to, metaphorically, capture the atmosphere of the ‘city’s music’, while using a different kind of sound material. Most of the sounds are the sounds of, the prosaically near, surroundings, the majority recorded without leaving SLG’s house (with maybe a single instance of sticking a mic out the window) and subjected to digital crafting. After compiling that sound archive we locked ourselves for about a week at AEN’s (in September, 2000) and recorded the entire material using a computer, though only as a sampler and a registering device, a simple (if not to say of dubious quality) mixer, as well as two synthesizers. Although, originally, we gathered these substrata with diligence, the actual sound material consists of pieces mostly created as a result of the improvisations. Others are crafted, ‘cut-up’ collages (though pieces intentionally performed live were also employed). And this is how the disc “Statsotecture” came into being.


released August 1, 2000

SLG, Arciv Ev Noise



all rights reserved


Limmatau Łódź, Poland

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